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Welcome to SpiroFlo

Spiroflo Device

SpiroFlo Holdings, Inc. (SpiroFlo) has a patented device for numerous applications, including industrial biofilm removal and residential hot water/energy savings. Often referred to as creating “a tornado in a pipe,” this SpiroFlo device has no moving parts, making it virtually maintenance free.

In industrial applications the SpiroFlo device sets up a stable, spiraling flow, the motion of which is used to scrape biofilm from the pipeline wall—an area consistently missed by even the best chemical treatments. However, the SpiroFlo device can also work in conjunction with these chemical treatments. By keeping chemicals suspended for longer, SpiroFlo increases their effectiveness throughout the pipe, and reduces their required frequency, use and associated costs. Independent testing and adoption from a large, multi-national proved that the SpiroFlo device alone (with no chemical treatment) drastically reduces biofilm concentration from “too many to count” down to less than 100 parts per million—a number that statistically means zero. This dramatic biofilm count reduction was achieved in a period of hours, not days.


Other industrial applications include improved filtration for water purification and cogeneration of electricity.


In residential applications the SpiroFlo device delivers hot water an average of nearly 35% faster to hot water outlets (in 4 out of 5 households) while providing up to a 5% volume savings at every hot water outlet in the home. Installed at the outset of a hot water tank, one SpiroFlo device is a whole-house system. Although the SpiroFlo device can work with tankless and recirculating water systems, it does not require any of the associated costly modifications. One SpiroFlo device saves a household thousands of gallons of water a year, as well as the energy previously required to heat the water. With these savings, SpiroFlo was awarded the Innovative Funding for Energy Efficiency grant from the Colorado Governor’s Energy Office.


Solids applications—including non-thermal drying of biosolids and safe transportation of soda ash/potash—are available under Solids.


For more on how the SpiroFlo device works, see here.


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